The former Pantera front man accidentally had his head cracked open while performing with his band Down.


Things can usually get pretty crazy whenever Phil Anselmo is on stage.  Dude is nuts.  Hops all around, bangs his head, practically jumps into the crowd at points.  Last night at a show in New York City Phil accidentally had his head cracked open when his guitar player Pepper Keenan hit him in the head during the song "Lifer" which he dedicated to the late Dimbag Darrell.

So did he stop and go get medical attention?  Hell no!  In true heavy metal fashion, the show must go on!  He finished she show with a bloody head and was constantly wiping blood from his face.  Now that is Rock n Roll!  Luck for us a concert goer had either his cell phone or flip cam ready to do, so we have video of him performing with the injury.

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