Phil Anselmo, best known as the front man of metal legends Pantera, recently unleashed his debut solo album "Walk Through Exits Only" on the world. Phil called in to chat about the new album, what to expect when seeing him live with The Illegals, getting asked about Pantera, his new horror film festival, and much more.

After a few missed connections and a game a phone tag, Phil and I were finally able to sit down and talk. I opened up by asking Why now, as compared to any other time, is the right time to release a solo album?

Not to answer a question with a question but my thing is WHY NOT? Really my only two active bands I record with and tour with, myself, is Down and the solo band. There's time for both.

Really just wanted to screw around with song arrangements and sounds in general and timing in general. I wanted a different record, so to speak. Something different then your tradition song.

The album clocks in with eight tracks. I asked if that was something he set out to do or it just happened that way, sighting classic metal acts like Black Sabbath who would release albums with six, seven, eight songs at a time.

Best way to put it; at the end of the day, at the end of the session we had fifteen, sixteen songs to choose from. For me, I felt like the eight songs that ended up on 'Walk Through Exits" fit the best together. That's really the science behind it.

"Walk Through Exits Only" is a self-release for Phil through his own label Housecore Records. That means at the end of the day, it's all Phil - press, financing, etc. Does that put extra pressure on the singer?

It's always somewhat of a struggle. I don't take the pressure and use it in a negative way anymore. It's like the more pressure, it's all in a days work - so bring it on.

Phil and his band The Illegals will be hitting the road on July 31st for a late summer jaunt that includes a stop at Upstate Concert Hall on August 14th. For those buying tickets, Phil says to expect some surprises.

Put it this way. We have some surprises, that's all I'll say. Perhaps some blast from the past and maybe some of my favorite songs growing up. You never know.

I want each show to be a little different, to have it's own personality.

Turning attentions to the band Phil is best known for, Pantera, I asked if he ever gets "sick" of having to talk about the band, possible reunions, making peace, etc.

Not at all. I think Pantera fans are the greatest on earth. Anybody that wants to ask questions about Pantera, I have no problem with it at all.

It's a great part of my history. It's probably the most identifiable portion of my career.

I'm an open book and I don't mind at all.

The conversation then moves on to his new film festival called the "Housecore Horror Film Festival" that will take place in October 25-27 in Austin, TX.

To hear the whole chat and the new "Walk Through Exits Only" album, check out the streams below.