Drummer Phil Rudd was arrested against on Saturday for violating his home detention conditions, according to Loudwire.com, but how do you expect a drummer to quit booze and prostitutes?


I said the Phil Rudd is a drummer but not AC/DC's drummer, because Phil Rudd could end up in prison now, because he could not say no, to a couple of his old vices.

I understand the alcohol, but not the prostitutes, I never understand it when you hear about a celebrity getting caught with a prostitute, especially Phil Rudd. Can you imagine coming across his profile on Tinder?

It must be hard sitting around in your house for 8 months when you're famous, however from what I understand, Phil Rudd made a death threat toward someone, because he was upset with the poor sales of his solo album.

So what is he doing partying when he should be working?

You can't make the argument that he needs prostitutes and booze in order to work, because apparently, that is what got him in trouble in the first place.

Phil Rudd will appear in court again on August 3rd.