Is this new PhotoMath phone app for real? Math hard, yes. But with this new app, math hard no more. English might be a little iffy still, but math hard not no more.

Am I to believe that kids now can just take a picture of any equations any teacher throws at them and this app will solve it instantly? I don’t know if I believe this 100% just yet. My No. 1 reason for disbelief is I cannot find this app on Google Play. However if it’s real this is a big game changer in the high school routine.

Never again will students exhaust their brains to do their homework. Can you imagine how much time will be saved each night when kids go home? Think about how much useless learning will be skipped. Who needs to learn how to do math and train your brain when you can just copy a few numbers down and then head out to The Max to get a burger with Zack and the gang (my references need updating). I recall being pumped that I had a calculator that I could program math formulas in. However if I had a mini super computer that did the work for me there is no telling where I would have ended up today… oh yea, same place because totally got an A in math (Humble Brag).