For those who may have fond memories as a child of the famed Frontier Town, here is what is what will be done to it.

The Adirondack Park Agency has met and not only discussed what to do with Frontier Town but indeed approved a plan with a unanimous vote. It seems there will be multiple things done with the vacant land in the future. First thing first, it will be used as a campground. 91 sites are proposed. 13 for RVs, 33 for horses and 45 for tents.

This will also be a fairly extensive project. Multiple building will need to be constructed like horse stalls, bathrooms and things of that nature. All in all, it looks to take about $13 million to complete and will also create 20 full-time jobs as well. Which is always amazing.

From what it seems there are plenty more steps to be taken but at least now there is a plan for the vacant land.