In recent years, Poison have toured fleetingly as Bret Michaels has maintained a focus on his solo career. With the band back on the road currently on tour as support for Def Leppard, fans are beginning to wonder what the immediate future holds for Poison and even drummer Rikki Rockett is wondering the same.

Rockett was a guest on the Rock Talk With Mitch LaFon podcast and opened up about his personal ambitions for Poison. He first explained his burning desire to get back in the studio and work on a new Poison album, which would be their first since 2002's Hollyweird. "It's always on my radar to try to get the rest of the guys to get on board and work again like that. I don't know why we can't just get together and make that happen. It just seems like it's just this huge thing that is this obstacle. I don't know why," he said (transcription via Blabbermouth).

Going to to mention the difficulty in trying to "move forward" while still holding on to the success of Poison's classic material, Rockett admitted, "That's a very gray area, that's a slippery slope because we could write the second coming of 'Talk Dirty To Me' and I don't know if people wanna hear it or not and that's a frustrating thing; it really is." The drummer understands the fan interest in hearing new songs performed in place of time-tested songs is minimal, pointing out that even bands like The Rolling Stones have even had trouble doing this, with Aerosmith being a rare exception.

"But I do think it's important to stay viable. For the 'über fans,' it's always a really, really good thing," Rockett countered. "And that's what you do it for — you do it for you, you do it for the real fans, the real true fans. Not, like, to really change your popularity at this stage. I don't really think that moves the needle these days. [Laughs]"

What is in store for Poison down the road remains unknown, but if it were up to Rockett, "For the next several years, we would just go do each record from top to bottom. Let's do Open Up and Say... Ahh!, let's do Flesh & Blood, let's do Look What The Cat Dragged In. I think it would be great." Fans would still have the chance to hear other set list staples as the drummer explained, "And at the end, you can come back out and do the hits that came later, whatever, just to wrap it up. But it would be great to go from top to bottom, track to track. I would be all over that."

Catch Poison on tour in North America right now with headliners Def Leppard and openers Tesla. All remaining dates can be found at our 2017 Guide to Rock + Metal Tours.

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