Police in Oakland, California took back the space outside of City Hall on Tuesday, but a short 12 hours later hundreds of protesters came back forcing them to use tear gas on them.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Police in Oakland had to use tear gas five times late last night in order to retake the lawn area in front of Oakland City Hall where Occupy Oakland protesters were camped out.  Earlier in the day the police had gotten them to move on, but later in the night things escalated.

The police gave the protesters several warnings that if they didn't leave, they would be subject to "chemical agents".   Minutes later tear gas and flash bomb grenades were used to clear the area.  One protester, Jerry Smith, said that he had a feeling that "they (the police) meant business" but he said that they would not be intimidated.

Some protesters were displeased by the other protesters provoking the police into that situation.  Protesters were throwing paint at officers and one protester said if she could have, she would have stopped "the idiots" from throwing the paint. To quote a friend, "it's a black eye for the whole occupy movement."

Note to the people currently Occupying Albany NY: Keep it civil, otherwise this could be your fate too.