Check out the "Pongtu", a brand new concept for a plunger. It's like performing CPR on a clogged toilet. I for one am so happy someone has finally come up with a new solution to a backed up pooper. I know I'm not alone when I would sit around dreaming of the day someone would invent something that would really let me get hands on with the poo that is clogging my potty. No more standing a few feet back and holding some stick. Now you can get right down in it and feel your self making a difference as you press new life into your bathroom.

Was the original plunger ever broken? Nope, but who cares? This is a new fun and dangerous way to deal with a clog. What fun is plunging the old conventional way if you don't have the same risk of creating a gigantic mess like this new Pongtu give you. It's plunging to the extreme!

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