Here at the Q103 studio's, there is a gigantic garage that is big enough to park about 8 station vehicles in. We decided why not turn the garage into a place where bands can perform live for listeners. Pop Evil is part of the Trespass America Festival on Wednesday August 8th in Glens Falls and we're excited to announce that they will be the first band to play in the Q103 Garage Sessions. Want to be in the audience?

Leave to our friends from Pop Evil to be our guinea pig and be the first ever band to play at the Q103 Garage Session.   They'll perform acoustically  3-4 songs in the garage live on the air Wednesday afternoon August 8th, before they take to the stage with Five Finger Death Punch and Killswitch Engage at the Trespass America Festival in Glens Falls.

All we need now is a studio audience! Would you like to be one of the few to experience the first ever Q103 Garage Session and meet the guys from Pop Evil?  We'll even give you a pair of tickets to Trespass American later than night too!

*In order for you to get your tickets to Trespass America at the Glens Falls Civic Center, you must attend the Garage Session at the Q103 studios on Wednesday Afternoon August 8th.

This should be really fun!