Amazing accomplishment and one of my favorites, scratch that. My favorite burger joint in the area.

Jacks Drive-In is an awesome place to visit all summer long. It seems a bit odd that with half a foot of snow on the ground they are opening their doors or windows in this case, but I won't complain. A staple of the area, the smell when you are there is to die for. I am sure too many of you like myself have fond memories of this eatery as a child.

I remember going here in an 80's Plymouth Horizon with my parents at dusk on a Saturday evening. It is such a vivid memory. I remember being in the back seat playing with the french fry fork wondering why you needed a fork for the smothered in ketchup fries. I remember being picky and wanting a plain cheeseburger. Thankfully I enjoy the onions now.

Jacks Drive-In is amazing and hopefully you are able to hit it up this year and make more memories for generations to come.