There are cameras everywhere it seems. No matter where you turn there may be a lens on you. Now there may be one in an uncommon place for a good reason.

Crime or traffic violation, call it what you will. Passing a school bus is illegal. It seems like such a small crime, but it really poses danger to many children each and every day. In a time where going to school can be scary for some, a parent should not have to worry about a child's safety getting on and off of their school bus. This is something hopefully we can all agree upon.

Well, New York is making it clear that they find this issue to be a big one. Thus, they have proposed a bill that will put cameras on a school bus to track passing cars. Of course only when they have their stop lights activated. What will happen? If you pass a school bus with those red lights flashing and the stop sign extended, a camera will kindly take a photo of your license plate and send said shot to the police. You can kind of get the gist of the rest from there.

Numerous cities around the country have adopted this, they have seen a drop in the number of passing vehicles too. I hope you would agree on this bill, do you?


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