I'm sure most of this is correct. 15 years ago a guy goes to a shoe store in Toms River Jersey (I'm not gonna give them the free plug like the video below). Somehow the purchase goes terribly wrong, there's a knife involved, guy gets put in prison for 15 years.

I don't know what you do in prison. Most of my 'prison experience' comes from the show Oz, which has taught me two things. 1) Showers aren't worth it in prison. 2) Most of the NCIS units are made up of former Oz inmates, no wonder they're so good at catching criminals. I don't remember a whole lot of retail therapy going on, but I've also blocked out most of the show due to 'man ass', so it could have happened, but not this time.

Finally this guy gets out of prison. It's been 15 years, he's in his 40's, older, maturer. So what does he do? Gets on the first bus heading to the same shoe store, and once again fails to purchase shoes so badly, that he's back in police custody. Photo's of the offenders footwear have yet to surface.

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