It is the last day of Producer Joe's big British invasion and he almost ruined the entire trip.  But in true Joe fashion he pulls it together and saves the day.


What an epic adventure.  In between all the mocking and laughter, Producer Joe and Steve got to witness a historic event take place right in front of them.  Today was the final day, the Royal Wedding.  The streets were lined with billions of people who were totally moved by the whole thing, except for Producer Joe.  Things got very awkward during the ceremony as all the citizens of England were silent while Joe, the "ugly American" .  I could tell that he didn't want to disturb things, but the guys made him.  very funny stuff and they even took a shot at me.

So after all of the awkward, Joe and Steve decided to retreat to a near by park.  It was at this point when Joe fell apart and the trip was almost ruined.  The big moment was here.  Prince William and his Bride were set to appear in front of everyone and Joe was no where near it.  I can't say I blame him.  he probably felt very awkward and was in a different country.  That didn't stop the guys from beating him though.

Fortunately though it didn't kill things.  Joe bounced back with avengeance for one final stunt in merry old England.  he finished strong and you have to give him credit for that.  Now him a Producer Steve are on their way back to States, but not before a layover in Amsterdam; poor them.  Tip of the hat to Joe and Steve on a job very well done.

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