The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, and if I had to choose one song to describe the big game, that song would be Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."

I say "Kashmir" because Super Bowl 50 was an epic tale of two quarterbacks chasing a beautiful dream but the dream could only come true for one of them.

Super Bowl 50 was 26-year-old Cam Newton's first Super Bowl appearance, and after an almost perfect season Cam Newton must have thought that he was heading to the promised land where his triumphed victory would make him a legend.

Super Bowl 50 was 39 year old Peyton Manning's fourth Super Bowl appearance, it was also his last game as starting Quarterback. Super Bowl 50 was Peyton Manning's swan song.

Peyton Manning may of been too old to be effective in Super Bowl 50, and had to rely on his defense, that devoured Cam Newton.

A young man watches his dream die, as an old man watches his dream end.