Dinosaurs are the greatest and there really isn't any debating it, however there is one bird on this planet that is strutting around like a dinosaur and making everybody in the science world excited.

According to uni-jena.de a study has been conducted to watch and learn how and why ground dwelling birds move. Creatures that stand on two legs carry themselves in very different ways. Humans have a different posture when running then that of a two legged ground bird like a quail. Dr. Emanuel Andrada from the Friedrich Schiller University is finding that humans stand up right because their center of gravity is directly above their legs while birds and dinosaurs carry their center of gravity in the front. In a study of watching quails move they found that even though their center of gravity is in the front when birds run forward they still waste a lot of energy.

“grounded running… this is a running style in which at least one leg is always touching the ground. Even when running quickly, short periods of flight phases occur only very rarely between the individual steps…But this is extremely energy consuming for the animals because the body's center of gravity lies distinctly in front of their legs - due to the horizontal posture. The animals have to constantly balance out their own bodies in order to prevent falling forwards” - Prof. Dr. Reinhard Blickhan, Chair of Motion Science at Jena University

This is very exciting stuff. If a quail is a descendent of the dinosaurs then that means they also wasted a lot of energy. In conclusion why is Jurassic park not a real thing yet? I am not afraid of a T-Rex at all anymore. If a T-rex starts to chance me I’ll be all like “don’t waste so much energy running like a bird” and then I’ll out run him.

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