Update: Queens of the Stone Age's new album will be called Villains and the band has previewed a new track, "Feet Don't Fail Me," in the clip above!

We don't know much about the new Queens of the Stone Age album other than, yes, there is one, and that the mixing on it was completed in late April. Prior to this, the group cryptically teased fans by posting an image, which became known as the "Shattered Q" around web circles, along with the words "Twenty Five." The significance of this remains veiled in mystery, but we seem to be getting closer to the answer with this latest update, which came in the form of a revamped Queens of the Stone Age website.

The home page now displays a cartoon television set with a clickable dial and a video embedded as the set's screen. The teaser video plays gentle sounds as we see shots of a car driving, various band members, a closeup of what is assumed to be a lyric sheet, shattered glass (perhaps linking together the "Shattered Q" theme) and the word "gold" repeated.

Here's some of the other clues this update has given us so far:

  • The dial has "13" inscribed above it with a skeletal hand hanging down off to the left. However, there are only nine stations on the dial.
  • A set of drawn eyes appears on Channel 2 of the dial.
  • A creepy face and strange noises are seen on Channel 4 of the dial.
  • "All my confusion is waving goodbye" text is displayed on Channel 6 of the television set's dial.
  • Channel 8 displays a closeup image of a figure playing a guitar. Only the forearms of the character and 12 frets of the guitar are pictured.
  • Above the dial, the word "Askew" is written between a set of gleaming red eyes positioned above the dial.
  • "Enteen" is seen on the left side of the TV with a zigzag line connecting a series of hearts, each of which bears one letter of the seemingly cutoff word.
  • "Reclaim Everything" appears vertically across the left side of the YouTube video seen above.
  • "It's a 'Beautiful Day' in the U.S.A." is etched to the left of a yellow backed red-lettered "Mumbo Jumbo" sticker with an arrow dividing the two words.
  • The speaker on the bottom right of the TV says "Gold Standard" with the aforementioned "Shattered Q" emblem situated on the speaker grate itself.
  • A sticker reading "1976 Evil" runs diagonally upward across the bottom of the TV set.
  • Along the surface of the bubble screen, "TUTT / TTURF" (TTURF is written in backwards lettering) is scribbled using double lines.

So what does it all mean? Only time will tell, but for now, fans will have to pour through the vastness of the Internet as others weigh in on the alleged significance of these clues. While the wait for some concrete details is increasingly high as the new QOTSA record is one of this year's most anticipated album, there's no denying this is pretty exciting and fun.

For those who are just dying to hear something new from the group, there's a consolation prize to be had. In late May, mainman Josh Homme provided the score for the revenge film In the Fade. To hear a sample of the music, check out the trailer here.

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