Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme is being sued by an autograph seeker for “assault, defamation, false light, appropriation and intentional infliction of emotional distress” after Homme went off on the man for potentially nabbing autographs to sell online.

The incident happened after a gig with Iggy Pop as part of their Post Pop Depression tour. Footage of Josh Homme getting heated with Michigan teacher Jason Lackrone was posted on TMZ last year. “What the f—k do you do?” Homme yelled at Lackrone. “Could you come teach at my house for free? Let’s f—king go right now, you f—king loser. You’re full of s—t, dude. You’re a f—king entitled, spoiled motherf—ker.”

According to a Courthouse News Service document, Leckrone claims to simply collect autographs as a hobby instead of selling them. However, Homme became irritated due to his belief that Leckrone was an eBayer looking to make a quick buck. The report reads, “Homme passed by shortly thereafter and, according to the complaint, ‘confronted autograph seekers and said something to the effect of – I am not signing autographs for you blood sucking ebayers [sic], I am tired of you making money off me but I will take photos with you.’”

“Plaintiff pointed out that defendant Homme benefitted from these types of people who attended the concert,” the complaint states. “Defendant Homme began taking photos with people while swearing at plaintiff between photos.”

Leckrone is suing Homme for $25,000 for claims of assault, defamation, false light, appropriation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. TMZ is also being sued by Leckrone, as the Michigan teacher claims the site exploited him for commercial use.

Stay tuned for updates on this story as news breaks.

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