Radium Girls is an Independent Film set in Orange, New Jersey yet shot in the Capital Region! This true story stars Abby Quinn, Joey King, Lily Tomlin AND Union Square on South Street in Glens Falls. Co-starring the Old Warren County Courthouse in Lake George. Yes, buildings are most definitely celebrities in their own right.

A few years ago my son watched The Sopranos for the first time in it's entirety and he was as impressed with Satriale's and Holsten's as he was Paulie "Walnuts", Tony and Christopher. My son and I would discuss each episode as the series went along and continue to quote our favorite lines from the script on a regular basis.

One day, being the stern father that I am, I decided not to drive him to school. Instead of science and gym I took him on a tour of the Sopranos set locations around Northern New Jersey. We went to Tony and Carmela's house (it looked exactly the same as it did in the series), Pizza Land and the Bada Bing! I didn't take him inside the Bing, known at the time as Satin Dolls, but we starred at it and imagined Tony's maroon Chevy Suburban flying into the broken blacktop parking lot.

I have always been fascinated by set locations and how these integral landscapes are chosen. When the right home, church, factory, or lake, for example, are chosen these tangible structures can become celebrities in their own right.

"Radium Girls" is based on a true story of two sisters whose job was to paint "glow in the dark" watch dials for one cent per dial. The chemical used at the Orange, New Jersey factory was Radium, which we now know is highly poisonous. In the 1920's Radium was widely considered a "cure-all". Workers were instructed to "point" their brushes by licking them for fine lines. This meant placing Radium directly into their system.

For "Radium Girls" the factory set is on South Street in Glens Falls. The Waiwaka Center for Woman in Lake George is also featured prominently.

"Radium Girls" had an April 2020 release scheduled but with the COVID 19 pandemic those plans shifted to an online release, which you can now view via Virtual Cinemas.

Several movies have been filmed around the Capital Region over the years. "The Place Beyond the Pines" in Schenectady, "Scent of a Woman" in Troy and "Seabiscuit" in Saratoga Springs to name a few. Now "Radium Girls" showcases the Capital Region once again.


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