When guitars just aren't cutting it anymore, it's time to bring out the big guns. And by "big guns," I mean the brass section at George Mason University. 

I don't know what the Green Machine is, but I think i like it. My best guess is this is the pep band that attends the games and plays during the stoppage of play. I would go watch my cousin play hockey and most of the schools they played had a pep band and they would kind of duel back and forth. It was kind of nerdy and silly, but it was always entertaining. So if if that's what this video is then I like it. And if this is just a bunch of people who all like to play cool songs in a big band setting, I like that too.

P.S.: George Mason University, don't think you're the only ones to play a cool song as a concert band. I happen to have about three years of beginner drums under my belt. When I was in the sixth grade, we played the theme song for "Jurassic Park" at the city-wide Lilac Festival. And can you guess who played the giant bass drum for that song? That's right, this guy! I was basically the t-rex of the sixth grade.