There are good people out there and one particular person has stepped up in a big way for the victims of the quadruple homicide in Troy.

This crime has to be one of the worst things I have ever seen in the city. Four people savagely killed last week. It's something still hard for many to fathom. A week later we know a few things. Most importantly who the people are that committed the crime and that they are behind bars. We also know that an anonymous donor is covering the expenses for funerals of the victims.

Also to be noted a GoFundMe was created to raise funds for the Myers family and as of yesterday raised $45,000 to help. That was going to cover funeral expenses. Thankfully to one random act of kindness that can now go to help Isiah Smith who is a High Schooler and surviving child of one of the victims.

To the anonymous donor, I would like to say, thank you!!

The Troy Record has more on the matter at the link below.


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