The Real World: San Francisco is arguably remembered for one character - the crazy, out of the norm David "Puck" Rainey.  Almost two decades later, Puck is in the news out in Cali again as he is sentenced to two years in prison for stalking.

David "Puck" Rainey was a bit off his rocker back in 1994 while on The Real World: San Francisco. At 25, he was a bicycle messenger with an annoying attitude. After a notorious conflict with housemate Pedro Zamora, Puck aggravated his housemates to the point that he never finished out the entire season, being kicked off the show in episode 11 of the 20 episode show.

After the show's run, Puck had several legal troubles. Arrested in 2003 for domestic violence and suspicion of felony corporal injury in 2011, Puck has no apparent regard for others. Reports out today now state that Puck has been arrested for stalking a woman and will now serve two years in prison.

Do you remember Puck from the Real World?