I know personally, many people hated the fact they have been diverted for the last bit of time. Well no more!

If you are an avid concert goer, there is nothing better than hopping on an Amtrak train and arriving at Madison Square Garden, right? I mean how easy is it that the train brings you right there. Well, for a while this was actually a bit impossible. This because the trains were being diverted to Grand Central Station.

Now, in reality, that isn't all too far, only probably a 20-minute walk or an expensive short cab ride away. But, still.

The Empire connection is what they are calling it, and now it is completely fixed allowing the trains to use it. This will allow you to take a train to Penn Station beginning tomorrow. With hockey and basketball season just months away, now you can have some ease in catching a Knicks or Rangers game. Along with of course the concerts. Which MSG has a plethora of.

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