This one time, I was watching "A Christmas Story" and Uncle Sam came to me, and was like "Dan you have to save Christmas, for America."

You're welcome.

That was 2 years ago, and it seems like it was just yesterday.

2 years later, and my copy of "A Christmas Story" does not work anymore, because I watched it too many times, and I moved out of my parents house, so my mom does not yell at me anymore if I am up too late, but don't tell her that I still stay up too late, because then she will yell at me again.

So remember!

When you are getting loaded at your office's Christmas party, after you've opened your depressing "Secret Santa" present, that you're pretending to enjoy.

You would not be having you're Holiday Party, if it were not for Dan America!


When you are wrapping up your kids presents and putting them under the tree, just so that, they can rip them open an hour later and throw the wrapping paper all over the living room.

You would not be cleaning up all of that mess, if it were not for Dan America!

Black Friday, "24 Hours of A Christmas Story," Charlie Brown, Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, Scrooge and Christmas Trees...

All thanks to me! Dan America!

You're Welcome!

Ho! Ho! Ho!


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