Looks like I have a brand new BFF! If you find yourself trying to get a hold of me and I’m not responding don’t worry, I’m most likely just super busy hanging out with my new best friend, Kmart.

Yesterday I noticed the Kmart by my house was going out of business so I stopped in and bought a bunch of junk I don’t need. The deals were so good and who was I to pass them up? A fool I would have been, but I’m no fool which is why I bought all the cheap mulch I could handle.

Soon after my mistakes, I decided to tweet about it. After my tweet, Kmart responded. I didn’t know at the time but that single tweet would be the starting point of a beautiful friendship that would blossom into something wonderful.

Check out the conversation that lead to the beautiful relationship that is more popularly known as “Kmarton” (Kmart + Dalton = Kmarton).