Not only will you save yourself a $250 fine and 5 points on a license but the lives of innocent children.

As if the constant stream of 'Back to School' and 'First Day of  __ Grade' pictures on your news feed wasn't reminder enough that the new school year has begun allow us to chime in and remind you.

School has started up again here in the Capital Region which means that children and buses of children will be traveling to and from school and activities on a daily basis. So consider this a friendly reminder to give yourself a little extra commuting time during the week in the event that you find yourself following a school bus and needing to stop for their flashing lights as the kids get on and off the bus.

I know when you are in a hurry it is not always ideal to be stuck behind a school bus but incase you weren't aware it is illegal to pass a school bus with flashing lights. Doing so could result in a hefty fine, 5 points on your license, or worse, injury to an innocent child.


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