Over the weekend (Feb. 25), Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power turned 25 years old, marking a full quarter century since that album changed the metal landscape forever. Featuring immortal cuts like "Walk," "A New Level," "This Love," "Mouth for War" and really, any song on the record, the disc is a classic, and Loudwire looked back on the album with a three-part documentary as part of the Loudwire Legacy series.

We gathered all three surviving members of the band, producer Terry Date, album photographer Brad Guice and some of metal's most esteemed musicians to discuss this historic album. Here, we have an extended cut of bassist Rex Brown offering his thoughts on the album that ushered in a new wave of heavy metal.

Brown recalls one moment in the studio where Philip Anselmo and Dimebag Darrell were trying to work out a new track, but couldn't get on the same wavelength. After stepping outside to smoke some of the devil's lettuce, things came together quickly after that as the bassist detailed.

What Brown focuses on is the brotherhood of the band and just how easily everything fell into place while making Vulgar Display of Power. For a deeper look on this widely impactful record straight from one of the sources, watch the video above!

Watch the Loudwire Legacy documentary below, including the real story behind the punch to the face on the album cover!

Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power — Loudwire Legacy

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