Between the pandemic and cabin fever I am starting to feel the itch to get away.

An escape from the day to day of a Capital Region Winter could be a flight to a warm climate like Florida or Mexico but it doesn't have to be. I wouldn't even mind staying in the area as long as the destination was different, unique and unlike any other. I think I found just that, just South of Albany, in Rhinebeck, New York.

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The town of Rhinebeck is known for it's quaint Upstate New York charm with restaurants and shops to explore. You might even see a celebrity or two. The Walking Dead actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and fellow actor Paul Rudd are co-owners of Samuel's Sweet Shop on East Market Street.

Now, about that different, unique accommodation. One that is unlike any other! How does the Airbnb described "Architectural Wonder in the Woods" sound? Let's see if the description is accurate.

One of a Kind Airbnb in Hudson Valley

"Architectural Wonder in the Woods"

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