Could you imagine having your own formula one race track in your backyard?

So there is this guy that lives about an hour outside of the Capital Region in Taghkanic who sold the bank his father left him for somewhere around $726 million dollars. Personally, if I had such a large sum inheritance left to me I think I would be using it to travel the world and go to every music festival I could possibly go to but hey, that's just me.

This dude however, has already got to do a plethora of traveling in this lifetime and what he enjoys most is driving really fast in fancy cars or on speedy bikes. According to the NY Post while this guy had been traveling and racing vehicles all over the globe a near death accident of one of his racing buddies got him thinking that "it was only a matter of time before somebody pulled out in a fancy car and hit me" you know, it's kind of hard to argue with that logic.

So he decided to buy himself a piece of land to specifically build his own personal-use, professional-quality private racetrack which he claims is the only one in the world strictly for personal use. Check out some videos of the craziness that goes down in this guys backyard.

I wonder if somehow I could make friends with this guy and talk him into letting me take my Sentra for a spin around the track? What would you do if you inherited millions of dollars?

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