Uber and Lyft will be available in the Capital Region just in time for your 4th of July festivities!


After what feels like eons of fighting to get ridesharing services available literally everywhere else in New York State besides New York City like, ahem, in the Capital Region I was super excited when earlier this year the people that run this state were able to figure something out and finally make it happen!

Originally services like Uber and Lyft were going to be allowed to begin in early July. However, according to this article, state lawmakers really wanted the service to be available to Upstate New York before the 4th of July holiday. So, last night Gov. Cumo signed legislation to speed up their arrival moving the start date to June 29th!

Look I don't know what's going on June 29th but you can bet that I will be ubering somewhere I haven't been before and definitely partaking in the enjoyment of some adult beverages!

Now, if you have been looking forward to ridesharing services coming to the Capital Region not just to utilize the awesome service but as a way to make yourself some extra cash click HERE for details on diving for Uber or HERE for info on driving with Lyft!


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