Every day in October we are featuring one rock artist on Q103. The first three Mondays of the month are Metallica Monday with three chances to win tickets to their show at the Times Union Center coming up at the end of the month. Here's the full list of featured artists you can expect to hear on Q103 this Rocktober.

Monday 10/8- Metallica

Tuesday 10/9- The Who

Wednesday 10/10  - Van Halen

Thursday  10/11 Boston

Friday  10/12  Aerosmith

Saturday 10/13  Sammy Hagar

Sunday 10/14  Green Day 

Monday 10/15- Metallica

Tuesday  10/16  Doors

Wednesday  10/17  Rush

Thursday  10/18  Ozzy Osbourne

Friday  10/19  Foo Fighters 

Saturday 10/20-  Tom Petty

Sunday 10/21  Pearl Jam

Monday 10/22 Metallica 

Tuesday  10/23  Guns and Roses

Wednesday  10/24  Rolling Stones

Thursday  10/25  Bad Company

Friday 10/26  Led Zeppelin

Saturday  10/27  Stone Temple Pilots  

Sunday  10/28  Lynyrd Skynyrd

Monday 10/29  Metallica 

Tuesday 10/30 Alice in Chains  

Wednesday 10/31  AC/DC  Plus, Halloween tunes.


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