The Rolling Stones have collaborated with Boston Dynamics to recreate the band's "Start Me Up" music video using the tech company's robot dogs.

Dubbed "Spot Me Up," the new video features robots named "Spot" mimicking the movements of each the band members in the original 1981 clip — they even lip sync the words.

You can view the video down below.

The unique tribute arrives on the heels of the band's 40th anniversary reissue of Tattoo You, featuring nine previously unreleased tracks, including “Living in the Heart of Love” and a cover of “Troubles a’ Comin.’” The songs were recorded during the original Tattoo You sessions but were supplemented with newly recorded guitar and vocal. “We realized that there was a lot of great music that we had recorded in the past that had never been released," Ronnie Wood said of the material. "So we went back and started sifting through it all, and eventually got to the point where there was an album’s worth.”

“One of the great luxuries of the Stones is we have an enormous, great big can of stuff," Keith Richards added. "I mean what anybody hears is just the tip of an iceberg, you know. And down there are vaults of stuff. But you have to have the patience and time to actually sift through it.”

The band is currently out on their rescheduled No Filter Tour, featuring longtime Stones compadre Steve Jordan, who took over on drums following the death of Charlie Watts in August.

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