With James Holzhauer having a few weeks off, Jeopardy saw some Capital Region guys shine!

It was a little bit odd watching both Francois Barcomb and Conor Quinn play Jeopardy. Odd because for the first time in nearly a month they picked the clues in a linear fashion from top to bottom, unlike Holzhauer. He returns Monday by the way. Back to the guys from the Capital Region.

Francois was born and raised in Glens Falls and attended RPI in Troy, he now teaches Physics in New Paltz. Conor Quinn himself grew up in Cairo and now teaches History at Troy Prep.

Together they racked up $150,000 of the winnings in the Tournament of Champions: Teachers Edition. Francois wound up a $100,000. Congrats to both of them!

On a side not with Holzhauer returning Monday, how much longer do you think he can go? More about Jeopardy linked here from Times Union.

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