Republic of Wadiya ruler Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen (AKA actor Sacha Baron Cohen) angrily spoke out on ‘Today’ for being banned from this Sunday’s Academy Awards. Readers will recall that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reportedly revoked Baron Cohen’s tickets after he threatened to show up as the fictional tyrant from his new movie ‘The Dictator.’

During a phone interview on the morning program, Aladeen issued an ultimatum to the Academy. “They have until midday on Sunday to give me my tickets back!” he said. “If they do not, they will … face unforeseen and unimaginable consequences!”

While Aladeen wouldn’t specify the nature of such consequences, he did vaguely promise that “oil prices might be raised” if the Academy didn’t fall in line.

In an official videotaped statement, Aladeen also expressed outrage that such classic Wadiyan films as ‘When Harry Kidnapped Sally’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail Bomb’ weren’t nominated. On top of that, he groused, Hilary Swank was paid $2 million to be his date, and she won’t refund the money if he’s not allowed to attend.

But Shabeez wasn’t just full of threats. At the end of his statement, he wished good luck to this year’s host of the awards. “Death to the West! Death to America! And good luck Billy Crystals [sic]. You’re fantastic!” he said. Watch his full response below.



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