Some of the most popular beers in Upstate, NY are the fine ones from Saranac.  One that I stumbled upon this week was their Adirondack Lager, and man was I glad I did.


Matt Brewing Company in Utica, NY has been brewing up some great beers since the 1800's.  As the seventh largest craft brewing company in the USA, it's not surprising that each one of their beers packs a very unique flavor.  Their Adirondack Lager is a staple to the Saranac brand, and is by far one of their best.

Usually when I dive face first into a glass of Saranac, I am expecting the usualy strong flavor I get from their IPA, Pale Ale or Black & Tan.  Surprisingly, while packing a very unique and awesome combination of flavors, the Adirondack Lager is one of the more refreshing beers I have tasted.

As you sip it, you can almost feel as though you are hiking through the Adirondack mountains.  Okay, maybe not really, but it sure does make your taste buds standup and say 'hell yeah'.  This would most definitely be a perfect beer for a summer BBQ, or a winter BBQ, or a late night snack.  If you haven't tried this one out yet, do it.  Cheers!