It's local, I'm told it's viral, so we've got to post it.

I see these videos pop up all the time, but usually in some town I'm not familiar with or from, so it doesn't effect me too much. This happened in Halfmoon.

Now I'm a little torn here. On the one hand, I would not want to be treated like this by a law enforcement officer. On the other hand, it's was early Friday morning, and two dudes just walked out of the woods to their car, where there's a shotgun in the backseat, the Times Union reports.

The video below was shot by one of those two dudes, without the officers knowledge. There's NSFW language and a sound that seems to indicate the officer slaps one of the two men upside the head. At least no guns or a taser were brought into the situation.

The Sheriff in question has been suspended without pay, News Channel 13 reports.


The sheriff in question has resigned, just hours before a disciplinary hearing. He has been charged with official misconduct and harassment, the Times Union reports.

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