It's going to take some time getting used to calling them Oboys however, I'm all for them becoming more and more available outside of Saratoga!

So this summer we found out that Esperanto's the Saratoga restaurant behind the infamous doughboy was making moves to distribute outside of Saratoga. The owners are in the process of building a full on doughboy factory in Mechanicville. Not to long after that we also learned that in order to expand distribution a bit of rebranding had to occur due to the fact that to some of our neighboring states consider a doughboy to be something much different than the cheesy chicken filled doughboy that the Capital Region has come to know and love. Alas, the doughboy became the Oboy.

Well, according to Saratoga Living even though the factory is not quite ready yet expansion has already begun and those delicious Oboys are now being served in Albany! Beginning this wee you will be able to get yourself a tasty Oboy while you enjoy some live music or sporting event at the Times Union Center!

They say there is supposed to be two concession stands serving the Oboys while I haven't yet been to the TU since the announcement I'll let ya know next week if I can find the sweet spots!