The fight over whether the Sartoga Gun Sow would stay in Saratoga or move to Rensselaer is over.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

There has been a show down of sorts going on between gun safety advocates and gun enthusiasts over the last few years actually and it looked like the advocates were going to be on the winning end of that fight for a minute there and the gun show was going to have to relocate to Rensselaer.

According to News 10:

Anti-weapon protesters put pressure on the center and last year it decided to not [offer] the event offer any future dates.

But then after a grass roots petition was started up and managed to gain more than 2,000  signatures it now looks like the Saratgoa Gun show will officially remain in Sartoga (at least for this year) and it will return to the Saratoga City Center in May.