Saratoga Comic Con will return to the Spa City on May 4th and May 5th at the City Center. This will be another chance for fans to dress like their favorite comic book heroes and characters, an adult Halloween if you will.

Dressing up to look like a certain fantasy personality is one thing, actually having similar features and looking like someone is totally different. We took to social media and asked New Yorkers who their celebrity look-a-likes are and man did we get a great response.

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Has anyone told you that you look like a famous movie star, comedian or athlete? Everyone looks like someone, right? To look similar to a celebrity could be a lot of fun. New Yorkers responded with Melissa McCarthy, Jamie Lee Curtiss and Salena Gomez look-a-likes, to name a few.

Scroll through the pictures below to see just how close the comparisons are. Nobody took themselves too seriously, many didn't agree with their own references and everybody was just having some fun with this. Keep that in mind as you scroll.

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Victoria submitted the photo above after hearing that her husband has been told that he looks like Russell Crow. What are your thoughts? I'd say it's in the eyes.

According to Gig Salad, it can cost anywhere from $300-$800 to hire a celebrity look-a-like. To make the bigger money actors will dress like the celebrity, sound like the celeb and even perform if they have the ability.

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