When a town as popular as Saratoga it is nuts to think just days ago they made their largest bust to date. Here are the details.

It seems the Capital Region like many places all around the country has been riddled with drug issues. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana (hey it is technically still a drug) have been overly prevalent in the area for far too long to make mention of. Saratoga in the meantime with all of that stated just days ago made its largest drug bust to date thanks to their sheriff's.

In total, the boys in blue of Saratoga unveiled almost $600,000 in money and drugs. The exacts? 20 pound of marijuana, five pounds of cocaine and 20 weapons. The bust happened in early March and six people found themselves under arrest as result of it. The headpin of the ring is being slammed with numerous charges, ranging from possession of marijuana to misdemeanors for weapons possession.

More from the Times Union on this story linked below.

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