A HUGE congratulations to the Public Safety Department of Saratoga Springs!  Jim, Lisa, Raelynn (I am SO sorry if I spelled that wrong Raelynn...), and the rest of the Public Safety Department were this week's winners of the Q103 Work Day Distraction!  The crew won a slew of Arenacross tickets, Zoso concert tickets, T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, and more!  This hard-working group of people spend their days trying to keep the city of Saratoga Springs, and everyone in it, safe.  All those SPAC concerts you go to? Yeah, they do those too.  So it was great to be able to reward them with a bucket of prizes.  It's not an easy job that they do, and not always the most appreciated either, but it's an important one, so thank you Saratoga Springs Public Safety!

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