Activision has decided to kill the one thing that has kept me interested in video games.  Due to declining sales and lack of interest by consumers, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be the the last Guitar Hero released.


2010 was not a good year for music based video games.  Guitar Hero is the latest casualty in that battle.  Activision released the statement yesterday that they are  "disbanding" the Guitar hero franchise and also abandoning the development of the 2011 version of the game.  The latest release from the franchise Warriors of Rock failed to make any sort of impact in sales and the last few games have seen a decline in interest.

Activision isn't the first the jump ship on the music video game genre.  Media power house Viacom sold off their shares in Rock Band developer Harmonix and MTV games, the company that publishes Rock Band, was officially shut down.  Not only does this suck for gamers who enjoy the games, but the employees and developers.   Activision said that nearly 500 employee will be getting the axe due to the cancellation and development of the video games.

I fell in love with Guitar Hero from the first moment I saw it.  Who would of thought they would combine the music I love and video games?  So being the cheap ass I am, I didn't run out and buy it, but played it everywhere else I could.  Finally I get a used Playstation 2 and pick up as many of the games that I can.  I play the hell out of them too.  I was never really able to hit the "expert" level of the game, not yet anyway.  So we have the first couple Guitar Hero games which got the company in a whole lot of trouble due to copy right by the artists, but they prevail.  Then the monster that is Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock came out and the world went nuts.  Then came Guitar Hero Aerosmith, Metallica and then World Tour. Several other incarnations of game came out as well such as Van Halen and Guitar Hero 5, but with very little reception from the video game crowd.

I think that Rock Band ultimately killed Guitar Hero, slowly, but it did get the best of the franchise.  It was a perfect formula of great songs and multi-person play.  Guitar Hero tried with World Tour, but it just could not compete with Rock Band's level of play.  I personally liked Rock Band more than Guitar Hero once I played it.  Now both of them are seemingly dead, so I guess it doesn't matter in the end.  At least we all have the games to play whenever we like.  It was fun while it lasted Guitar Hero.