According to News Channel 13, Governor Cuomo wants NY to be in the 21st century. He proposes doing away with toll booths.

Now when I saw that and the title of the article I was ecstatic. Like no more tolls!? Yes please. That however is not the case. What will happen is that everything will be electronic. So if you have an EZ Pass already you have nothing to worry about. Without an EZ Pass you will have the license plate on your car scanned and will be seeing a bill in the mail. Oh and did I mention without an EZ Pass you will be raked over the coals and charged around twice the amount. Yeah.

For me, I don't like that. Oh sure I can get an EZ Pass and that will solve that problem. But I like many other people in this world am horrible with bills. Need me to pay up front, okay that can be done.

This actually isn't a pipe dream, time frame wise. It is proposed to happen in NYC and make all bridges automated. As of October 28th the mass pike will be completely electronic. So expect not so far into the future to see this happen in New York. Don't get me wrong there are benefits. Right off the bat you wont have to wait at a toll both for painstakingly too long anymore.

Big giant negative to this entire thing is the thousands of hard working people who work at toll booths. This could potentially eliminate their jobs. We all day in and day out drive by these people without a thought in our mind. But they still need that job.

The full story is below from News Channel 13

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