This weeks episode of The Generation X Files is about to drop and it’s straight outta the fridge, it’s a big tickle that make you lol, rofl and lmao all at the same time. We are yapping and yammering about yapping and yammering, this episode was made in the shade you dig?

Millennials are whistling through the graveyard, a whiskey sour to all the beer in Brooklyn, Millennial babble makes you sick and not like the good sick from the 80’s when everything was rad and far out.

We jibber jabber about all of your favs and slam the ones you can’t stand because that is they way we roll, dig it?

We have a very special guest to help fill in the gaps, no pun intended.

Check out this episode of The Generation X Files:

You will learn something old, something new and something blue… seriously, do you know what a blue waffle is? find out on The Generation X Files.

Coming Soon:

You’re Welcome for Video Games

We the People… with a special mystery guest!!!!

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