Last month a Schenectady police officer was hit by an ATV, in Rochester two people were killed in two dirt bike incidents in two days and one was an innocent nine-year-old child! Now Schenectady joins Albany for a united effort to eradicate these careless criminals and keep our families safe.

Enough with the illegal ATV's and dirt bikes on city streets! It's not jus t 'good clean fun' and people are getting hurt. Just 6 months ago a man died after smashing into a car in Schenectady. Was it his fault? Yeah it was. He was going the wrong way and driving way too fast.

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CBS6 reports that Illegal ATV and dirt bike riders in Schenectady can expect higher fines on confiscated unregistered vehicles.

The dirt bikes and the ATVs - they are driving recklessly around the streets. The parks, and it’s not just in one specific area, it’s throughout the whole city. - said Councilwoman Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas, City of Schenectady.

She is pushing legislation similar to Albany’s new law, banning the use of the bikes and ATVs on public property, and charging three-thousand dollars in repossession fees. As I reported last month, you could also serve 2 weeks in jail. Of course the bike/ATV will be impounded until it's claimed. If it's not claimed it will be sold for scrap metal.

It is one thing when you are doing something that could get yourself in trouble or possibly hurt. It is completely different when you are doing something illegal that could get another person killed. This is 100% unacceptable. Imagine if that was your 9 year old child.

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