One of the Capital Region's own scored a BIG business deal on Shark Tank with their Elephant Pants...

ABC Shark Tank
ABC Shark Tank

While on a trip to Thailand James Brooks from Schenectady and his business partner Nathan Coleman noticed that harem-style pants we pretty on demand in the country. Through their travels, the boys happened to also take notice to the gross mistreatment of elephants in places that were supposed to be sanctuaries for the animals.

That's when the boys got this brilliant idea to combine harem-style pants with elephant prints. They turned it into a lucrative business not just for themselves, but for the elephants as well. According to the TU the idea was to not only sell fashionable pants but use the company to:

Educate younger generations who are very viral and very vocal about what they believe in. So we want to make change by putting ... the plight of elephants in their own backyard.

So after being very successful with their crowdfunding campaign to start up their Brooklyn-based business where 10 percent of all their proceeds went to elephant sanctuaries the boys decided to up their game and pitch their business on Shark Tank.

Their appearance on the show scored the guys a $500,000 deal with Daymond John and put the show over the $100 million mark in total deals throughout its eight seasons.

What do you think? Could you see yourself rocking some elephant pants?