Get out your sunglasses, sun tan lotion and anything else that screams summer, because it's just around the corner! With the hottest season of the year comes parties, BBQ's, swimming and of course, concerts- outside and inside ones. SPAC is perhaps the biggest local venue for outside concerts, but Freedom Park, located in Collins Park in Scotia, is one that is often forgotten. They also have a summer full of musical acts of all genres, so read on for more information.

You're probably thinking you have no idea what or where Freedom Park is, but the truth is, if you know Jumping Jacks, you know Freedom Park. It's that little, open building to the side of Jumping Jacks. It's basically a good-sized stage with side wooden walls and a wooden roof, with a dancing floor directly in front of the stage and rows of steps behind that that are all covered with grass. It's a very quaint, comfortable little outdoor show venue and is safe for people of all ages, and even dogs as well.

Freedom Park features local and national bands of all genres, including rock, pop, jazz and blues. Obviously big name bands aren't capable of playing the Park, but these shows are free and you never know what bands you might find in the most unlikely places.

Some of this summer's highlights include:

Those are just some of the many shows that will be at Scotia's Freedom Park this summer. The summer fun starts Wednesday, June 22 with Power Pop group The BLiSTeRz.

For the entire summer schedule of events, go here.

Have you ever been to Freedom Park? Will you be attending any concerts there this summer?