You might want to avoid a few key areas in Schenectady today as police investigate an emergency situation in several government buildings.

I generally try to keep my posts as upbeat as possible however, when something like this hits so close to home I think it is important that we are aware of these situations going on.

According to multiple news sources several government buildings in Schenectady had to be evacuated this morning. The Daily Gazette is reporting that the Schenectady County Office Complex and the Schenectady City Hall where evacuated. While the TU reported that the the Social Services building on Broadway and and Child Protective Services on Erie Boulevard were emptied as well.

From what I have gathered, a note was found this morning threatening a bomb in one of the buildings.

As a result of the emergency situation not only have several buildings been emptied but the roads surrounding them are closed as well.

It appears at this point that the all clear has been given and everyone is safe. The Schenectady Police Department are expected to hold a press conference on the matter at some point today.

Stay safe out there my friends.