Free Beer & Hot Wings began counting down Billboards list of the sexiest songs ever.  Hearing that list did not make me think "sexy".  So I have put together a list of the sexiest songs, according to us here at Q103. Listening to Free Beer & Hot Wings go over the "50 Sexiest Songs of all Time" got me thinking, what defines a sexy song?  Most of the ones on the list didn't seem very sexy to me and I think most of you can agree with me on that.  If you want to check out the Billboard list, just click the link and be prepared for disappointment.   So how about we do a Q103 spin on the Sexiest Songs? We can do the top 10, and feel free to add any I may have missed.

10. No Doubt-Hella Good:  Personally anything with Gwen Stefani is sexy to me.  She is adorable and if you say you aren't envious of Gavin Rosdale, your lying.  Besides her being smoking hot, the beat of the song just screams sexy.

9. Warrant-Cherry Pie:  How can you argue with this?  Swinging in the bathroom, swinging on the floor.  For some reason I don't think Janey Lane is thinking about dancing.

8. AC/DC-Givin' the Dog a Bone:  These guys have a way to turn every single song into a subliminal message.  If you listen closely to Brian Johnson's lyrics it is pretty clear what kind of "bone" he giving the dog.  Sample lyrics right here: "Oh, She's blowing me crazy till my ammunition is dry Oh, she's using her head again."  Need I say more?

7. My Darkest Days-Porn Star Dancing:  I know you guys love this one.  Nothing goes more hand in hand than rock stars and strippers.  This is a song that combines the two perfectly.  Add some awesome guitar licks from Zakk Wylde and some suggestive lyrics, boom, sexy.

6. Alannah Myles-Black Velvet:  She didn't do much besides this song, but hey that is ok with us.  This is one of the sexiest songs of all time.  That simple bass line mixed in with here sexy voice and lyrics are enough to make any man stand up and take notice.

5. Nickelback-Something In Your Mouth:  You look so much cuter with something in your mouth; I wonder what he might be referring to?  Gum? A Jolly Rancher?

4. Aersosmith-Love In An Elevator:  We all know Steven Tyler's reputation with the ladies.  I'm sure the boys in Aerosmith have all had their fair share over the years.  I'm not surprised they wrote a song about getting it on in an elevator.  God knows how many times that actually happened.

3. Guns N' Roses-Rocket Queen:  It's the last track on Appetite For Destruction and its chock full of reality.  Axel literally recorded himself having sex with one of Steven Adler's girlfriends so he could put those sounds into the song.  No wonder Adler is so messed up.

2. Stone Temple Pilots-Sex Type Thing:  The song is full of innuendo and the video is all kinds of crazy fetish stuff.  It is almost stalkerish.  Like you see a girl in a bar and you just need her, but you can tell she digs how aggressive your approach is.

1. Led Zeppelin-Whole Lotta Love:  Hands down the sexiest song on the planet.  The lyrics, the riff, everything about it.  Plus Robert Plant's voice has a way of making women weak in the knees.  He's gonna give you his love indeed.

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