NASA asked the public to name the 7 Earth like planets in the Trappist-1 System but NASA does not own the Trappist-1 System and nether does the internet, so who are they to name the 7 Earth like planets that don't belong to them!?!?!

NASA Telescope Reveals Seven Earth-sized Planets Around Single Star
NASA via Getty Images

Here is an article about how NASA is violating the rights of the Trappist-1 System from the Mother Nature Network, I would like to point out that I find it offensive that the Mother Nature Network seems to think that this is a big joke.

Unfortunately it is Earthling nature to follow the popular consensus and NASA has made naming the 7 Earth like planets easy and kind of fun, although it offends me and makes my soul hurt I will play along and name the planets.

b: Taco Bell

c: Macho Man Randy Savage

d: 3rd Rock

e: America

f: Earth 2


h: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Now your turn.


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