In the news lately one state in the country is attempting to make this a reality, do you agree with it and think New York should do it?

Luckily, I have never had to receive food stamps but know many people who do and truly need them. This is a law that could be a bit tricky. Now for the record, New York is not pushing for this. In 2014 Florida attempted this to no avail. It was shot down due to being unconstitutional. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin thinks this could be a reality for his state.

I am unsure on the matter, I mean sure, I suppose if you are qualifying for food stamps and fail a test for drugs then maybe you have money and are spending it stupidly. Wisconsin though is willing to provide treatment for those who have children and fail while collecting. This is a weird law that I am sure many may love and droves of people will also despise. Where do you stand?